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Terms and conditions of sale

Our terms and conditions of delivery and payment are as follows:

  1. Our offers are free of engagement.
  2. The delivery times specified are approximate only.
  3. In the case of price increases, we reserve the right to charge you for the difference.
  4. All objects provided for restoration or framing are automatically covered by a special insurance policy taken out by us for that purpose. Client promises full cooperation if this insurance policy needs to be resorted to.
  5. Objects will be delivered to you as specified by us. If you wish to receive it by any other means, any additional costs that apply will be charged to you.
  6. Payment must be made in cash without any discount or debt settlement being applied.
  7. If payment is not made on time, interest will be charged equal to 10% per year starting six weeks after the date of invoice.
  8. If we have to incur any costs to collect payment, these costs will be charged to you.
  9. The costs referred to above under 8 include the costs of our legal advisor, whom we have to pay a commission equal to a minimum of 15% of the claim. This 15% is exclusive of any legal and/or execution costs incurred by our legal advisor.
  10. If the object in question has not been picked up within two months after the order has been completed, the order will be invoiced accordingly. In addition, after this period of two months, we have the right to store the objects provided to us for treatment as we see fit and to invoice you for the storage costs. Any claim you may have with regard to the object in question will be null and void if you have made no attempt whatsoever to reclaim your object within one year after we have informed you that your order has been completed.
  11. We have the right to retain possession of the object or objects provided to us for treatment until all the costs incurred by us to carry out the order have been completely paid for.
  12. The above provisions apply unless explicitly provided for otherwise.

Disputes arising from our agreement will be subject to the decision of the court in the jurisdiction where you live or are located.

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